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Ragnarok Clover

Server Features
Welcome to Clover Ragnarok


Episode 13.2 (Encounter with the Unknown) (Pre.Renewal)
Base exp rate: 100x
Job exp rate: 100x
item rate common: 20x
item rate heal: 20x
item rate use: 20x
item rate equip: 50x
item rate equip mini/mvp: Costume
item rate card: 30x
item rate card mini/mvp: Disable
item rate treasure: 10x
Premium Service ( Buff +dish3,EXP 150% ) (No Soul Link/Asump Buff)

@commands :
- commands
- go
- alootid
- load
- rates
- mobinfo
- iteminfo
- whodrops
- time
- jailtime
- autoloot
- autotrade
- langtype

Website : ragnarokclover.com
Status :  Aktif 


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