Gloryragnarok - Private Server Ragnarok Online Indonesia




Renewal System
Base Server: Southeast Asia (SEA) and International
Main Language: English and Indonesia
Server Time Zone: +8 GMT (SGT)
Weekly Maintenance every Tuesday at 08:00 am
All Weekly Rewards distributed every Tuesday at 07:30 am via RodEX (Mail)
Ragnarok Plus and Seasonal Battle Pass System (freemium)


EXP Rate: 50x
Boss EXP Rate: 10x
Quest EXP Rate: 25x (official quest)
Drop Rate: 5x
No Drop Rate Penalty
Boss Drop Rate: 2x
Card Drop Rate: 0.5%
Boss Card Drop Rate: 0.05%
Boss Item Bonus Rate: 1x (drop from boss get directly in their inventory)
Treasure Drop Rate: 5x
Finding Ore Rate: 2x (skill Ore Discovery)


Max Character: 15 (Ragnarok Plus 20)
Party Share Level: 25
Party Share Bonus: 10% (every party member give additional extra exp)
Max Inventory: 150
Cart Type: 12 models
Max Cart: 100 ~ 200
Max Cart Weight: 8.000 ~ 20.000
Max Storage: 600
Secondary Storage: 300 (Ragnarok Plus)
Max Friend List: 100
Max Party Member: 24
Max Memo Point: 5
Prevent to Logout after being hit: 5 seconds
Idle/AFK character stop receiving items from autoloot: 60 seconds
Chat Delay: 0.5 seconds
Max Hair Style: 99
Max Hair Color:  128
Max Cloth Color: 700
3rd Jobs Outfit: Normal and Premium


Global Channel (#global) – delay 3 minutes
Recruit Channel (#recruit) – delay 1 minute
Support Channel (#support) – delay 1 minute
Trade Channel (#trade) – delay 1 minute


Pet Catch Rate: 2x
Pet Feed Rate: 5x
Pet Skill Enabled
Pet Level same with Master
Homunculus Feed Rate: 5x
Homunculus AI Supported (AzzyAI)
Auto Feed Enabled


Vending Map Morocc (@go 2)
@autotrade Enabled
Max Vending Price: Zeny
Vending Tax: 5% (start from 10mil transactions above)
Autotrade Limit: 30 days
Buying Store Enabled


Max Guild Member: 32
Max Guild Tax Limit: 90%
Max Guild Storage: 500
Guild Alliance Disabled
Guild Master change delay: 1 day
Changing Guild Emblem during War of Emperium Disabled
Hide Damage during War of Emperium
Adjustment Guild EXP Table
Max Clan Member: 500
Requirement to join Clan
Level: 150
Zeny: 2.500.000
Changing Clan Delay: 3 days
Join Clan while in Guild enabled


Visible Area Size: 18
Max Walk Path: 20
Day and Night Cycle
HD Font Damage

Website : Gloryragnarok 
Status : Aktif 


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